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How We Came About...


Baking was our hobby, enjoying the process and OF COURSE, the results. Yumm. Soon the word spread and lead to us make our first wedding cake for a friend of ours. No lessons, no professionals to guide. Just raw ingredients, a few sugarcraft and cake books to guide us. And we did it! Of course with obstacles and issues due to the humid weather we have here. Most of all, It made us happy. We enjoyed it all, making it, the process, the obstacles and the results of feeding the masses and getting a compliment or a smile back.


We tried to expand our field not only on cakes but cupcakes, macarons, cakepops, pastries and now building on the skill of artisan bread. We strive for the best quality ingredients for full flavour and experience. Thus, HAND BAKED. Delicious morsels baked by hand from scratch with quality ingredients.












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